Mobile windsifter

The Hurrikan wind sifters provide effective removal of plastic film from screen overflow. They work with a patented pressure-suction process that gives the Hurrikan S a separation efficiency of up to 95 percent (up to 90 percent for the Hurrikan).

Electric drive of all components ensures top efficiency while offering many control possibilities. Magnetic and roller separators can further enhance the quality of the recyclable output.

mechanical drive diesel electric

Advantages at a glance


Compatible with most commercially available mobile screening units


More than 90% selectivity by precise adjustment of settings to material properties

Komptech plus
Komptech plus

Powerful S-version with enlarged suction section (2 suction blower)

Your choice
Your choice

Mobility with 80 km/h chassis and independent operation with integrated diesel power unit

  • Highlights

    Efficient separation

    The pressure-suction system gives extremely effective removal of light materials from screen overflow. First, the pressure blower separates the material. Light materials settle onto the remaining fraction. In a second step, the light materials are pulled away by a suction blower. Magnetic and roller separators can further enhance the quality of the output.

  • Highlights

    High suction performance

    A radial fan is used to generate a flow of compressed air. The suction/conveying fan has a specially designed rotor that guarantees smooth throughput. The fan is foldable upwards for servicing work, on request a servicing platform makes access easy. The suction performance is adjustable to material by variation of fan speed, fan distance and vent flaps.

  • Highlights

    Everywhere applicable

    The standard design of the windsifter is a central axle trailer (tandem axle on the S version). A power unit, available as an accessory, lends the windsifter complete independence from the power supply. The wide feed chute allows operation in conjunction with feed conveyor belt width to 1200mm and feed height of 1950mm to 2250mm.

  • Highlights


    Fe-separation is done by a powerful permanent magnet of the discharge conveyor. By a rolling fraction separator - a tiltable conveyor belt - round, heavy objects (mainly stones) roll downwards and are diverted via a chute.


Electical power input (kW) 26 44
Diesel generator (kVA) 50 75
Material feeding
Filling width (mm) 1600 1600
Filling height (mm) adjustable from 1950 to 2250 adjustable from 1950 to 2250
Material discharge
Max. discharge heigth (mm) 2900 2600
Transport length (mm) 8300 11000
Transport width (mm) 2550 2550
Transport heigth (mm) 4000 4000
Dependent on equipment (~t) 6.5 10.0
Max. Throughput
Dependent on material (m³/h) 40 60

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