Maxx/Maxx E

Drum screen with hydraulic or electric drive icon Diesel icon Hydraulic icon Electric icon Mechanical

The Maxx drum screen was built for use in mid to large-sized composting operations. Its rugged construction and high-performance components make it suitable for almost any screen application and it is a professional solution for contracting companies.

An electrically driven variant is available as alternative: On the “E“ variant, electric motors are used in place of hydraulic drives. Power comes directly from the mains or, when required, is produced by an integrated diesel generator. The electric mode yields a reduction in energy consumption and results in savings in replacement/consumable parts and servicing costs.

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The side walls can be hydraulically lowered and the drum lifted out for easy removal of crusted material. During operation, an adjustable round brush along the entire length of the screen provides efficient drum cleaning.


Maxx 518
the alternative

For everyone who always wanted to enjoy the benefits of a Komptech screen, but are already invested in existing drum screens, there is a solution: The drum mounting and drive of the Maxx 518 are designed specifically for drums from the competitor SM 518 model.


Costs saving
with Maxx E

Costs saving with Maxx E

On the E version, electric motors are used instead of hydraulics

Saving potential mains driven compared to hydraulic drive:

• up to 75% lower energy consumption

• up to 30% lower consumable parts costs

• up to 25% lower operating costs


Lots of room
in the hopper

A 4 meter hopper intake length and over 5 cubic metres of capacity make work easier. The hopper discharge conveyor is kept permanently in the straight line travel position by an automatic control system.



Technical data

plus symbol minus symbol
Maxx Maxx E Maxx 518
Drive plus symbol minus symbol
Diesel engine (-) Diesel motor - Perkins Stage V/T4F
Diesel generator - Perkins Stage V/T4F
Diesel motor - Perkins Stage V/T4F
Power [kW/PS] 55kW/74PS
Diesel generator [kVA] - 50 -
Electrical power input [kW] - CEE 63A/400V 3-pole+N+PE
Screening unit plus symbol minus symbol
Screening area (m²) 23 23 23
Length (mm) 4500 4500 4500
Screening drum diameter (mm) 1800 1800 1800
Max. rpm 23 23 23
Weight (Dependent on equipment) plus symbol minus symbol
Trailer [t] 16 16 16
Semitrailer [t] - - -
Track [t] - - -
Max. throughput (Dependent on material) plus symbol minus symbol
Throughput [m³/h] 120 120 120
Feeding plus symbol minus symbol
Hopper volume (m³) ~5 ~5 ~5
Filling length (mm) 4000 4000 4000
Filling width (mm) 1675 1675 1675
Filling height (mm) 2800 2800 2800
Material discharge plus symbol minus symbol
Max. discharge height coarse fraction (mm) 2550 2550 2550
Max. discharge height fine fraction (mm) 2150/3200 2150/3200 2150/3200
Dimensions (Transport) plus symbol minus symbol
Trailer [mm] 11250 x 2550 x 4000 11250 x 2550 x 4000 11250 x 2550 x 4000
Track [mm] - - -
Semitrailer [mm] - - -

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