direct SL stationary

Low-speed single-shaft shredder for all types of waste icon Electric icon Mechanical

The Terminator direct has a newly developed all-electric drive system that offers maximum efficiency. With its load-dependent stepless (SL) speed control the machine adapts to the input material, allowing high throughput even with the most difficult materials.


Key Facts
Throughput (t/h)
Engine power (kW)
17 Weight (t)
Open all plus symbol
5200 6200
Motor plus symbol
Type electric motorSynchronous reluctance motor
Synchronous reluctance motor
Power (kW)200
Drum drive
on both sides
Drum drive
on both sides
Shredding unit plus symbol
Drum speed (rpm)max. 30max. 30
Drum length (mm)30003000
Drum diameter (mm)10501050
Weight* plus symbol
Weight (t)16.817.1
*dependent on equipment
Throughput plus symbol
Throughput (t/h)up to 60up to 80

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